Gare Européenne et Solidarité at the FEANTSA Policy Conference 2015 in Paris



In the framework of the FEANTSA Policy Conference 2015, held in Paris on 19 June, Dominique Versini, Deputy Mayor of Paris for Social Affairs, hosted a workshop named «Social exclusion within rail stations: what are we talking about and how can we deal with it?». After the host’s opening speech, an introduction about Gare Européenne et Solidarité was given by Vincent Bouznad, Head of Social Commitment at SNCF and co-president of our network, along with Fabrizio Torella from Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.
Mr Bouznad sketched the different issues to which railway companies are confronted, when dealing with homelessness and all the other forms of social exclusion in the stations, and underlined the tangible results of the projects the network’s members have carried out so far, in terms of elaborating common policies and operational strategies.
Sylvie Le Bars, from ANSA, gave more details about those projects and introduced Gianni Petiti, from the ONDS (National Observatory on Poverty and Solidarity in Italian railway stations), who presented a portrait of the homeless people at Roma Termini Station, based on the statistics obtained from ANThology, the database used by the Italian Help Centers to manage their social interventions.
Ahmed Khalifa, Head of Societal Commitment Department for Gares&Connexions SNCF, and Lotfi Ouanezar, Project Manager of Précarité Paris, presented instead some examples of response set up in the French Capital by SNCF and its Third Sector partners.
The second session of the workshop was dedicated to possible new strategies and innovative means beyond social responses, to create social inclusion within train stations, taking into account the positive impact of Social and Solidarity Economic projects, the citizens empowerment, as well as the importance of a constant interaction between the stations and their environment, and the role of culture to ease social dialogue and inclusion.
On these topics, Nienke Boesveldt, Project manager of the City of Amsterdam & Researcher on Governance Arrangements, presented a rich study about the integrated strategies at a local level in the Netherlands, followed by Gilles Carrié, Director of “ARIES chantiers d’insertion”, who shared the results of ARIES’ labour inclusion strategy of homeless people.
An overview on the state of the art of the EU political discussion about homelessness was left to the conclusions of Karima Delli’s, MEP and Member of the Transports Commission and Deputy Member of the Employment and social affairs Commission of the European Parliament. In her long and detailed speech, Mrs Delli gave quite a worrisome account of increasing poverty and social exclusion in the EU countries, to which the unprecedented immigration from Africa and Middle East must be added as a further challenge. Gare Européenne and Solildarité members are well aware of the impact that such phenomena are having on the stations, and they are at the forefront to collaborate with the Institutions and the Third Sector to face it. 

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