Four new members joined our network


14th Gare Européenne et Solidarité Steering Committee


Swedish station owner Jernhusen signs the European Charter


Gare Européenne et Solidarité at the FEANTSA Policy Conference 2015 in Paris


13th CODIR of the Charter

The EU and us

The railway companies of our Network know well that the spaces, in which our services are settled, are open by nature to the life of all customers, of all the people living in the city, of all the citizens. The ease in covering long distances and the multimodality of our railway networks put questions such as cooperation and sharing good practices beyond a national perspective.

This European dimension must be the framework of our action, and the relationship with the EU Institutions must be for us as important, as the one with the local context, in which our stations are integrated.

Since the beginning, the EU Institutions have expressed their interest in our network.

The Vice President of the European Parliament Gianni Pittella, and the representatives of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, took part to one of our first steering committee in Brussels, laying the basis of a direct dialogue and a fruitful collaboration to develop effective instruments to handle poverty and social exclusion in the stations.

Also the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr László Andor, attended the signature of the Charter by 7 new members on 9 February 2012 in Brussels, addressing encouraging words to the members.

In terms of actions taken, some of the signatory companies participated to the European Projects "Hope in Stations" and "Work in Stations", financed under the PROGRESS PROGRAMME, and they pay constant attention to EU documents on CSR in a broad sense. A brief quotation of the EU Strategy on CSR sums up some of the key points:

"In first place the Commission encourages the development of knowledge on the impact of CSR on corporate economic results. It therefore proposes to launch studies into activities to raise awareness and disseminate information… The exchange of good practice between businesses and Member States must also be encouraged through the networking and coordination of actors… The skills of enterprises must be supported, in particular, by using European funding to train employees. In addition, the CSR principles must be integrated into management training programmes in enterprises".


Adress of The Vice President of the European Parliament Gianni Pittella

Nota augurale di Gianni Pittella