Four new members joined our network


14th Gare Européenne et Solidarité Steering Committee


Swedish station owner Jernhusen signs the European Charter


Gare Européenne et Solidarité at the FEANTSA Policy Conference 2015 in Paris


13th CODIR of the Charter

Our activities

The network's activities program is based on the commitment to work together contributing to the development of successful social policies and measures addressing all form of social exclusion and distress that might concern station areas. Homelessness is certainly the most evident; yet, country by country and city by city, social issues can relate to immigration, disability, addictions, anti-social behaviour, etc.

Railway companies cannot solve any of those problems, neither this is their task. Nevertheless, they can contribute, along with all the other stakeholders, Public Authorities to begin with, to make a move towards better solutions

In line with their corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Members of "Gare Européenne et Solidarité" have committed to do the following:

  • To plan social actions in urban and railway areas by at the same time involving public institutions, association networks, charitable organisations, civil society and public security forces.
  • To study and monitoring the evolution of homelessness through the dissemination of studies and research carried out by the different signatory networks.
  • To offer awareness-raising and training courses to train station personnel on how to deal with persons facing extreme social exclusion.
  • To develop instruments to manage and monitor the homelessness phenomenon in train stations.
  • To hold regular meetings to share good practices.
  • To tackle, develop and further examine the other aspects of Sustainable Development, especially concerning environmental projects with major spin-off effects and strong social and economic consequences for citizens and for the region.
  • To broaden the network to other European railway companies and facilitate their integration into the network.