Four new members joined our network


14th Gare Européenne et Solidarité Steering Committee


Swedish station owner Jernhusen signs the European Charter


Gare Européenne et Solidarité at the FEANTSA Policy Conference 2015 in Paris


13th CODIR of the Charter

About us

The European Charter for development of social initiatives in stations was created in Rome on 29 October 2008, thank to the common effort of the Railway Companies of Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Such initiative was based on the awareness that the problem of social distress in stations can no longer be tackled only at national level, being a European, or better still, a global phenomenon that requires complex synergies.

Since then, 8 other European Railway Companies, Institutions, Public Administrations and Associations, including voluntary organizations, have accepted and shared the principles of the Charter.

In fact, the goal of the European Charter of Solidarity is mainly to create a large network − integrating railway companies, Public Authorities and Third Sector organisations and enterprises − that operates with a common methodology to take action on social issues in stations, firstly favouring the exchange of knowledge and best practice amongst partners.

In spite of any difference between industrial strategies and local context, a common thread unites the policies of each railway company participating in this network: the need to incorporate safety and solidarity; that is, to guarantee travellers efficient service and clean, welcoming stations, but also to try to help anyone who takes shelter in a station out of dire need.

The European Charter focuses on sustainability and draws on the main principles of the European 2020 Strategy: attention to environment and social inclusion.

"The Union fights social exclusion and discrimination and promotes justice and social protection, equality between women and men, solidarity among generations and protection of the rights of the child… It promotes economic, social and territorial cohesion and solidarity between Member States… the Union contributes to peace and security the sustainable development of the Earth, solidarity… elimination of poverty and protection of human rights…"(Art. 3, § 3 and 5).

"The Union supports and completes the action of the member States, amongst other, in the following sectors:

  • Integration of people excluded from the labour market
  • Fight against social exclusion
  • Modernization of social protection systems
To this end the European Parliament and the Council… may adopt measure designed to encourage cooperation between member States through initiatives aimed at improved knowledge, developing exchanges of information and best practice, promoting innovative approaches and evaluating experiences…" (Art. 153).

On these milestones of the European future, the European Railways Networks intend to give their concrete contribution, starting from social exclusion issues in stations.