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There are many ways of looking at safety in a railroad environment. Usually it refers to technical matters associated with the vehicles and the network, where technology almost always guarantees passengers a safe trip. But the safety of stations and other railroad areas, particularly in terms of the public's perception of places and individuals, continues to suffer from stereotypes and prejudice.

Today stations are very safe, particularly in big cities, where increased risk calls for a law enforcement presence, and electronic surveillance equipment is in use. Factors that detract from the safety of stations, according to passengers, include individuals who are homeless and, more generally, those in distress.distress.

The railroad companies have analysed these phenomena in depth, and it is clear that they rarely constitute a real threat. Thus today's problem must be solved not only with public security measures, but also with network wide activity involving various levels of responsibility and expertise.

Integrated social policies can enhance the feeling of safety, differentiating between harmless behaviour and actual criminal intent of some people in the station. Continuous interaction and monitoring of individuals in the station by company employees and railroad personnel help evaluate risk and ensure that the facilities and services can be enjoyed in peace.

It is the responsibility of the railroad companies to ensure that stations are pleasant and to provide the high-quality services now associated with the idea of a city square throughout Europe. On-going dialogue between interested parties makes it possible to address situations potentially threatening to travellers in the right manner and to the proper extent.


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